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Snowman Mike Talks Texas and Moscow Snow

Snowman Mike on England’s COLD Winter

Also, last October, made this prediction about this winter, which has come almost exactly true! WTG AccuWeather!’s article on the Global Warming science meltdown and how England had the coldest winter in 25 years.

Snowman Mike on Staying Cool

Tombstone Visit

Global warming in Tombstone?  It sure felt like it.  I dunno, maybe 90 something in the Fall of 2008.

Anyway, I wasn’t there to complain about the weather.  I was a tourist, just like half the people in town that day.  I hear they shoot malcontents there, unless you draw faster.   With my T-Rex stick arms I wasn’t about to start trouble.

It sure is hard keeping the snow clean with so much dust and horse hockey around, but I managed.  It’s even harder to keep from melting in the heat.  What’s my secret?  I will probably address that in an upcoming video rant.

It’s a good thing Global Warming is a hoax.  Otherwise, southern Arizona would be unbearable in September!

Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona

Snowman Mike Announces Launch of New Web Site

Global Warming Rant


Dallas Gets a Foot of Snow and a Visitor

Dallas shattered all records for snow in one day.  That’s not why my kids and grandkids were happy though.  It’s because they got to see me!

Hey.  Could someone bring me an ice coffee or something?  Hello?  HELLO??  Great.

Big D Baby!

Big D Baby!

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